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Relational Judaism – Videos of Dr. Ron Wolfson

Presentation to Federation of Men’s Clubs on Relational Judaism

The Importance of Greeting

Building Good Tents – Presentation United Jewish Federation Tidewater Va.

2 thoughts on “Relational Judaism – Videos of Dr. Ron Wolfson”

  1. Administrator says:

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  2. Stephen Roseman says:

    I’ve read Ron Wolfson’s books which is what is in these videos. If we are to have a shul built on relationships. Relationships work starting one on one. If we are serious, if you are serious we must be willing to touch fellow congregants on an individual basis. That means each of us has to reach out to another individual congregant, meet with them, listen to them, reveal ourselves to them and let them reveal themselves to us. Establish a relationship one on one. Then we can move into making a community as we work one on one with other congregants and those with whom we have made a relationship make contact with other congregants so we change from being a congregation to a community of friends. I want our shul to be a Jewish Cheers – place to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.

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