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Unorthodox Live Taping at HHBJC – May 29th



Mark your calendar for Wednesday evening at 8 pm for a live taping of Tablet Magazines’s flagship podcast – Unorthodox.  Hosted by Tablet editor-at-large and Los Angeles Times columnist and former NY Times columnist on religion, Mark Oppenheimer and features deputy editor Stephanie Butnick and senior writer Liel Leibovitz .

Unorthodox’s mix of conversation and interviews—smart but never wonky, and often irreverent—succeeds precisely because it welcomes all who are Jewish or Jew-curious. Each show begins with a roundup of the weekly “news of the Jews,” offering listeners a digest of Jewish stories from across the globe. Then there are two interviews a week with guests include authors, actors, chefs, rabbis, teachers, and more. The program hosts Zionists and non-Zionists, leftists and rightists, observant and non-observant. The guests always include a Jew and a “Gentile of the Week,” who gets to ask the hosts that question she or he has always wanted to know about Judaism but been afraid to ask. The podcast has managed to capture the attention of Jews young and old across the religious and political spectrum.

From download statistics, evidencing 1,879,000 downloads, the program has listeners in over 50 countries.  Live shows, showcasing Jewish conversation and music—have been taped in Manhattan JCCs, Seattle, Cleveland, Houston, Palo Alto, West Palm Beach, Boston, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere—and have drawn thousands.  That is why the podcast has been identified as one of the Top 50 podcast and certainly one of the leading Jewish podcasts.  

The cost for a ticket for non members is $18.  Members are entitled to one ticket each (couple entitled to 2 tickets).  

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