Today is March 29, 2020 -


Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center : A Community Enriching Jewish Connections and Jewish Values

210-10 Union Turnpike, Hollis Hills, NY 11364
(718) 776-3500

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Shopping For Hollis Hills Bayside

There are many ways your regular and gift shopping can contribute to our congregation. Through affiliate programs that only require that you go through our portal to buy on line or by downloading the Goodshop toolbar for your browser (which actually knows when you go to an affiliated site without even going through any portal or special site) all of your purchases can pass along a small percentage of the purchase price (1 to 3%) to HHBJC. Your cost – even your sale price – remains the same, but HHJC benefits as well. You can shop through the sites listed to buy from Amazon benefiting HHBJC, download the toolbar, or go through the GoodShop site.

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