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  • February 2018 Sisterhood News

    We know that the weather has been weird – but spring is truly almost here – and that means a great deal to Sisterhood.

    We would love to have your help on Sunday morning February 25th at 10 am in the annex, as we put together a wonderful Israel-motif Purim “basket.”  You get a bagel and coffee when you come to help.  Please just let us know if you can make it, so that we have a bagel for you.

    Wednesday evening February 28th we distribute our baskets after Megillah reading – and we can use your help then too.

    In the months that follow, we will have our Women’s Seder, a specially-themed Sisterhood-sponsored Shabbat, and hopefully the return of the Maine Rebbetzen, who was such a success.

    We will also be having our Challah bake again, and look forward to a square-dance evening with Men’s Club.

    Details to follow.   Be ready for meaningful time together, and lots of fun.


  • Sisterhood January 2018 News

    The Sisterhood wishes you all a happy Chanukah. Our Torah Fund Brunch honoring Linda Liederman drew so many people that we actually had to add two tables to accommodate those who came to celebrate with her.

    December brought two special events. On Sunday, December 3rd, we held our annual holiday bazaar. Over 100 people came to shop the various vendors. It was good to see many new people shopping in their own neighborhood. We are already planning for next year’s bazaar to be even bigger and better. On Thursday, December 28th the nationally known humorist, Lisa Mayer, the Maine Rebbetzin, entertained the Hollis Hills community. We all laughed the evening away. It added welcome warmth on a cold winter’s night.

    Our future plans include games day, our Purim project, a special themed Sisterhood-sponsored Shabbat, our unique Women’s Seder, and our back-by-demand Challah Bake. We’re looking forward to a square dance to be co-sponsored by Men’s Club on June 10th.

    Also, don’t forget to buy your Mah Jongg card and your friends’ cards through Sisterhood. It is a small but very successful fundraiser for us, with thanks to Sandy Lukin.

    As always, if you need a ride, just let us know.

    Please remember our gift shop when looking for that special gift. The Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center sponsors events that bring us together for a variety of cultural, charitable, and fun happenings. We welcome your suggestions and participation. Stay tuned for our next planning meeting.

  • Sisterhood December 2017 News


    Everybody these days is talking about how busy life has gotten – and the same holds true for Sisterhood.

    Our October Membership Brunch was wonderful – greeting old and new friends – and hearing from Melanie Katz, our expert in NYC Education.  Special thanks to Melanie, a great presenter, for educating all of us so well.

    November was our Torah Fund brunch, supporting National Women’s League and honoring our own Linda Liederman – which was a pleasure.

    December brings two special events.  On Sunday December 3rd we are having a Holiday Bazaar – with not only terrific vendors but our own tables of great new Gift Shop merchandise.  Be sure to bring your checkbook, everyone.

    Then, on Thursday evening December 28th, we are inviting our congregation to an adults-only fun entertainment – the nationally known humorist, Lisa Mayer,  the “Maine Rebbetzin.”   Watch for details, and come prepared to laugh and enjoy.  You can look at her website and get a preview:

    Future plans include a lunch and games day, our Purim project, a special themed Sisterhood-sponsored Shabbat, our unique Women’s Seder, a square-dance co-sponsored by Men’s Club, our back-by-demand end of season Challah Bake —— and even more.

    Also, don’t forget to buy your Mah Jongg card, and your friends’, through Sisterhood.  It is a small but very successful fundraiser for us, with thanks to Sandy Lukin.

    As always, if you need a ride, just let us know.

    Don’t get tired.  Come and get rejuvenated.  Sisterhood is something special!!

  • November 2017 Sisterhood News

    Shalom. Now that we have celebrated the High Holy Days and the cool fall days are upon us, the Sisterhood has started the year off planning events for fun, education, and community service.
    On October 15th, we walked for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Thanks to everyone who donated and turned out. Our Sisterhood Paid-up Membership Brunch was a huge success. Our very own Melanie Katz, a NYC high school principal, enlightened us about the current state of the NYC education system. We learned quite a lot. Thank you, Melanie.
    We’re sure you will want to join us at the Torah Fund Breakfast on Sunday November 19th at 10:00am. The fund is an integral part of the Sisterhood and the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism, allowing us a direct avenue to support Conservative Judaism and the Jewish Theological Seminary. Each year we honor a deserving Sisterhood member. I am pleased to inform you that this year’s honoree is long time member Linda Liederman, our congregational nurse. She has participated in many of our services, as well as being Torah lifter extraordinaire.
    We can’t forget that we have been renovating and restocking our gift shop for Chanukah and other occasions. We have the latest mah jongg cards for sale.
    We are planning many new and exciting events for the upcoming year. We will be joining with other Sisterhoods to sponsor a special event. Our Holiday Bazaar is just around the corner. We are looking forward to our Woman’s Seder and have received requests to repeat our delicious challah baking. Let’s not forget our successful Purim Project. We are anticipating an evening of ballroom dancing in conjunction with the Men’s Club, a theater trip, a game day, book club, and other special activities. Details of these events and upcoming planning meeting will be forthcoming.
    We are always happy to hear more voices in Sisterhood. For those who would like to become more involved and be a part of planning Sisterhood events, please join us at our next meeting on Thursday November 2nd at 8:00pm. We are looking forward to an interesting and meaningful year.


  • Sisterhood October 2017 News

    As a new year begins, we at Sisterhood want to extend our thanks to everyone who has participated in our Honey From The Heart project.  If you didn’t get to order honey this year, please plan on it for next year.  Friends and relatives who get honey are grateful and surprised, and it is delivered to their homes with your name and message on the label. 

    Thank you also to everyone who has already sent in their Sisterhood dues.  If you haven’t done it yet, it is never too late.  Our Sisterhood Paid Up Membership brunch is on Sunday October 22nd, and you can even join at the door.  Our speaker is our own Melanie Katz, who is a New York City High School Principal, and who will have a lot to say about what’s doing in NYC education this year.  You don’t want to miss it. 

    For this fall, we hope you will also join us at our Torah Fund Breakfast – on Sunday November 19th.  It is our fundraiser for National Women’s League, and each year honors a deserving Sisterhood member.  This year we are pleased to honor Linda Liederman, our hard-working Congregational Nurse and Torah-lifter extraordinaire (among her many special skills). 

    If you would like to be part of planning Sisterhood events and programs, please join us at our next Sisterhood Planning Meeting, Wednesday evening October 2nd.  We are looking forward to an interesting and meaningful year.


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