Service Schedule

This Week’s Shabbat Information

Virtual Likrat Shabbat is on Friday night at 5:45 PM
Candle Lighting July 3: 8:11 PM
Torah: Numbers 19:1-25:9
Haftarah:  Micah 5:6-6:8
Havdalah: 9:14 PM
Bid Farewell to Shabbat Virtually at 9:20 PM

Weekday & Sunday Services

Sunday & Legal Holidays9:00 am7:30 pm
Monday & Thursday6:45 am7:30 pm
Tuesday7:00 am7:30 pm
Wednesday8:00 am7:30 pm
Friday Morning7:00 am 
Rosh Chodesh6:30 am 

Shabbat Services

Shabbat services commence at 9 am in the Main Sanctuary (Rev. Frank Strassfeld Sanctuary). Shabbat afternoon services are in The White Chapel. Shabbat Service during July and August are scheduled for Menchel Hall.

Holiday – Hagim Information

  • Tish’a B’av Service Schedule

    Tish’a B’av begins on Saturday evening, July 21st. Nothing may be eaten after 8:20 PM. Evening Services on Saturday, July 21st will begin at 9:00 PM.

    Morning services for Tish’a B’av on Sunday, July 22nd will begin at 9:00 AM. No Tallit or Tefillin will be worn.

    Evening services on Sunday will begin at 8:00 PM. We will be wearing Tallit and Tefillin.

    All services will be held in Menchel Hall.

    The fast ends at 8:55 PM

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